About Bambino Gesú


Bambino Gesù is the largest paediatric hospital and research center in Europe, with connections to leading international centers in the sector. Our hospital has a staff of almost 2,600 including physicians, researchers, nurses, clinical technicians and office staff.

In 1985 the Ospedale Bambino Gesù received recognition as an Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico (IRCCS – Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care) and it ranks with other hospitals at an international level, sustaining research and clinical trials for innovative treatments alongside healthcare services.

Children are the Focus

The Ospedale Bambino Gesù is known as the hospital for children and the hospital of the Pope.


Our hospital was established in 1869 through an act of love by a family that was aware of the needs of less fortunate children - the Salviati family. The project, which started as a room with four beds, has, over the years and thanks to the efforts of thousands of staff members, reached the point where today our hospital which is owned by the Holy See, is a work dear to the heart of the Holy Father.

A child's life should not only be about their illness

Our focus on every detail is designed to be "child-centered", for children who find themselves, not by choice, living a part of their lives in a hospital ward. This is why the Bambino Gesù offers a true "Welcome Treatment" that includes a variety of services: hospitality homes, hotel accommodations, game rooms, relax areas for mothers, "guardian angels", a donor milk bank, cultural-linguistic mediators, and social workers.


To read more about BAMBINO GESU’ CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, please visit the OBG website.

About ISPeW


The goals of the International Society of Pediatric Wound Care (ISPeW) are to:

(1) set global standards for the assessment and treatment of pediatric wounds of varying etiologies;
(2) provide a forum for international, interprofessional collaboration among healthcare professionals, researchers, educators and industry leaders dedicated to the care of pediatric wounds;
(3) promote and support clinical research focused on the prevention, assessment and treatment of pediatric wounds;
(4) collaborate with wound care organizations worldwide on pediatric wound care issues and
(5) provide evidence based pediatric wound care education to healthcare professionals, parents and lay caregivers.

More info to be found on www.ispew.org

About AIUC


Over the last years “skin ulcers” - also known as “chronic wounds” - (whether venous, arterial, diabetic or hypertensive) have become more and more important also due to the growing elderly population and their chronic and disabling diseases. Chronic wounds represent an increasingly crucial clinical care problem, which is often disabling and difficult to approach.
Thanks to the work of renowned experts in the field, the Italian Association for Skin Ulcers is committed to acting as a meeting forum as well as a national point of reference for all those who have to tackle skin ulcers on a daily basis. 

The Association aims at sharing state-of-the-art knowledge in terms of research, physiopathology, diagnostics and treatment of chronic wounds. A clinical-diagnostic interdisciplinary approach combined with competence, humbleness and enthusiasm is key to addressing this problem. Continuous studying and researching is a vital condition which underpins the notion that in order to be informative, you have to be able to act with competence and eagerness to learn. Always.


More information can be found HERE.

About AISLeC


The goals of Italian Nurse Association for the Study of Cutaneous Wounds (AISLeC) are to:

(1) improve the quality of care to individuals with cutaneous wounds

(2) develop scientific and systematic research on wound care

(3) foster wound care Best Practice dissemination within Healthcare Institutions

(4) promote educational meetings and technical advice for Wound Care Corporations



WUWHS is the premier wound care professional association and presents more than 90% of all practicing wound care specialist in the world. The Association’s top priority is to raise and maintain the standard of the medical practice of wound care and improve its practice.