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Expert teamwork: A winning approach for wounded patients: Complex cases

Friday, 14 September, 10:45 - 12:15, Aula Major

Leading chair: Rolf Jelnes

Discussants: Zena Moore, Guido Ciprandi, Amit Geen, and Yohan Payan for Nursing Sciences, Surgical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biomechanical Sciences

Panellists and cases: (7 slides for 7 minutes)

·      Giancarlo Antonielli: The trach-site management

·      Maarit Ahtiala: What is possible to find in ICU

·      Serena Crucianelli: Our friend Valerio´s

·      Rolf Jelnes: Back is back

·      Guido Ciprandi: Our foreign friend

Join us for this very last session of the EPUAP 2018 and be part of an in-depth discussion led by renowned experts in the field of pressure ulcer prevention and treatment: The main chair of this session is Dr. Rolf Jelnes, consultant in vascular surgery, specialised in telemedicine and working with chronic wounds for more than 25 years, currently working in Sygehus Soenderjylland, Soenderborg, Denmark.

  • During this session the complex pressure ulcer cases will be presented and discussed. Everyone will be encouraged to share his/her knowledge and experience, working as a team we will be approaching these complex cases and looking for the winning solution for all wounded patients.