Garden Class: Natural wound care: Phytochemicals and bioactive natural products for wound healing

When: 13 September 2018, 12:45 - 13:45

Where: Orangery

Description: The wound healing is one of the most complex and challenging biological processes that occur numerous times during a human life. Many recent scientific researches in phyto-constituents for treatment of wounds revealed that plants could be involved in restoring normal skin architecture during the three different healing phases, such as inflammatory, proliferative and remodelling actions.

The first EPUAP Garden Class organised in the Orangery of the Angelicum Congress Centre will focus its attention to the scientific state of the art of natural products - plants, herbs, fungi, and animals (larvae) in the wound clinical management. Many different traditional remedies for treating wounds will be presented during the Garden Class. Do not miss the opportunity to join this unique session and share your experience with natural wound care!


  • Introduction: Why the Garden class?, Guido Ciprandi
  • Worldwide traditional use of natural compounds, Serena Crucianelli
  • Botanicals and Phyto-Chemicals in Wound Care, Renato Colognato
  • State of the art of natural compounds in modern clinical practice, Serena Crucianelli
  • Into the wild: chemistry and biochemistry beyond natural compounds and their effectiveness, Renato Colognato
  • Final interaction and closing, Guido Ciprandi, Serena Crucianelli